Job Posting Title: Awesome Opportunity To Work In Growing Wellness Clinic


Job Description: Balance Acupuncture and Natural Medicine is looking for a positive, motivated, and friendly PART TIME FRONT DESK ATTENDANT to help us with our ongoing mission to provide the best 100% natural healthcare services in San Antonio.


Ideally, you are easy to work with, coachable, and fun to be around as well as a great team player.


The skills that you MUST possess in order to be considered for this job are the ability to multitask handling phone calls, booking new patient visits and follow-up visits, and taking great care of our patients in the office.


In order to be considered for this job, you MUST be bringing some serious people skills to our team.


Additional non-negotiable essentials for this job include:


  1. Punctuality

  2. Reliability

  3. A Can-Do Attitude


And, if you hate clutter and disorganization, EVEN BETTER, because you’ll be a HUGE help to us!


One more thing. We’re serious about our mission and our business, so please do NOT apply for this position if you:


  1. Are going to be needing a lot of time off

  2. Aren’t sure if you can commit to the days/times offered

  3. Don’t believe in the power of natural medicine

Part time: Approximately 15-20 hours/week


Salary range: $12 – $15 an hour to start


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