Migraine and Headache Relief in San Antonio: Your Path to Clearer Days

Woman in a cozy sweater relaxing on a couch with a cup of tea, a serene moment after acupuncture therapy for headache relief.
Senior couple laughing together while preparing a healthy meal in a bright kitchen, enjoying life without headache worries.

“I was having debilitating headaches two to three times per week, even more the week of my period. Since starting treatment I’m only getting one or two a month and the intensity is less than half of what it used to be. Thank you!” – Sara T

Living with chronic headaches or migraines means more than just dealing with pain; it’s a persistent struggle which can disrupt your daily life and leave you seeking refuge in darkness and silence. It’s a relentless cycle of anticipation and recovery, impacting your work, your relationships, and your overall well-being.

Many conventional treatments focus on managing the symptoms after they’ve started, offering temporary relief through medications. However, these can sometimes lead to unwanted side effects or provide only fleeting relief from the pain.

At Balance Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, we view chronic headaches and migraines not just as isolated events, but as signals — indications of deeper imbalances within your body. Rather than just dulling the pain, we aim to understand and address the root causes, breaking the cycle of chronic headaches and providing lasting relief.

Our approach combines the age-old wisdom found in traditional acupuncture with the knowledge of modern science, ensuring that you receive a balanced and effective treatment. We work to create personalized treatment plans, ensuring that you are on the most direct path to relief and long-term well-being.

Don’t let chronic headaches dictate the course of your days. Envision a life where you can plan, work, and enjoy without the looming threat of pain. Start your journey to relief with Balance Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, and let’s take the first step towards a pain-free life together.

New Patient Offer

$40 Consultation

Why Choose Balance Acupuncture and Natural Medicine for Your Chronic Headaches:

Targeted Healing

Focus on the root cause of chronic headaches and migraines for lasting relief.

Personalized Approach

Tailored treatments that cater to your unique needs and pain patterns.

Safe and Gentle

Experience non-invasive therapies with minimal side effects.

Supportive Care

Our dedicated team is here to support you through every step of your journey towards a life free from chronic pain.

Our unique blend of natural therapies works for all types of headaches and migraines, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are surprised and relieved to learn that acupuncture needles are extremely thin and completely unlike the hypodermic needles that they have experienced at their doctor’s office. 

Acupuncturists can attain a high level of skill in gently placing these tiny needles and often the insertion is barely perceptible. Once the needle is inserted there may be a mild sensation of heaviness, achiness or tingling in the area of insertion. This is normal and therapeutically beneficial.

Chinese herbal medicinals are extremely effective are a very important piece of our program to treat chronic headaches and migraines. Your initial evaluation includes a traditional Chinese herbal assessment which will be used to create a diagnosis and treatment plan so that you can start experiencing relief from your headaches as quickly as possible.

Chronic headache’s typically involve a number of factors and positively influencing even one or two of these can lead to tremendous benefits. Many of our patient’s with a history of headache’s stretching all the way back to childhood have experienced life changing effects.

There are factors that come into play at various stages of life and we use this to guide our diagnosis.

Although the propensity towards migraine can be genetic, the health and functioning of your body as a whole plays a huge role in the frequency and severity that you experience. With Chinese medicine our focus is on improving the functioning of the bodily systems that may be influencing your headaches. Based on the principles of epigenetics these treatments have a positive influence on the expression of your genes.